Mini Clip Benefits

Fast Installation

  • Improved design replaces the Gator Clamp
  • Faster Installation
    • Hammer in place
    • Secure with 2 tek screws
    • Install four (4) per panel
  • Costs Less
  • Same holding capability
  • Provides bonding path
  • $1.40 each, shipped in boxes of 100
  • Full engineering available
  • All Quotes and Work Orders will now spec the Mini Clip, as should any Take-Offs submitted
  • Gator Clamps have been discontinued and are no longer in stock
  • Contact us today for more information!

City of Los Angeles Approved Steel FabricatorClark County, NV Approved Fabricator

Certified Ground Bond

Performed by: Smith-Emery Laboratories

Ground Bond Test: Submitted sample section that was used for freeze-thaw cycle test, was fitted with a copper plate; and attached (screwed with a bolt) to the plate. A Ground Bond Tester meter was used to test, if the grounding set-up will be able to carry a 25 amperes of current at 1 second dwell and pass reading process.

Test Results: HYAMP meter was set to 25 amps at 1 second dwell. Meter reading= PASS

Full Report