Gator Clamp Benefits

Gator Clamps

Designed specifically for use with Powers Super Purlins.


  • Clamp Grounds Panel – No Need for Extra Ground Wiring
  • Designed For Use with Powers Super Purlins
  • Fast Install
  • Solid Grip: Pull tested to THREE times the engineered requirements
  • Repositionable
  • Designed to Prevent Over Torquing
  • Open Design Allows for Easy Wire Routing

UES Listed

Proven Design

Our patented Gator Clamp has a solid grip that is pull tested to THREE times the engineered requirements. Our Gator Clamp held fast during 100+ mph wind loads during a summer storm in St. Louis (August 2020). The aluminum solar panel frame failed before our Gator Clamp would let go!

Alternate Uses

Although Powers Super Purlins and Powers Gator Clamps were designed for use with our Carport and Ground Mount applications, they are also available as stand alone products for use with other structures. We do not provide engineering for these projects, but many of our clients have installed our Super Purlin/Gator Clamp systems on other structures to great success. Projects have included large supermarket parking structures and municipal parking lot roof tops.

Patent Pending

UES Listing Report Number: UEL-5038

Gator Clamp PV Modular Rack Mounting System recognized in this report has been evaluated for use as mounting system. The electrical bonding of the Powers Solar Frames, LLC Gator Clamp complies with the intent of the provisions of the following standard:

  • Sections 13, 17, 18 and 22 of the UL 2703, Standard of Mounting Systems, Clamping / Retention Devices, Ground Lugs for use with the Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels (approved 2015).

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