5-Panel Ballast Ground Mount Assembly

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Ballast Ground Mount Assembly

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  1. Slide low post (short post) into reusable mounting template (Fg.1)
  2. Slide one tray end cap over post (Fg.2)
  3. Attach with self drilling Tek screws (Fg.3)
  4. Now remove assembly from template (Fg.4)
    If Box is longer than 6’ skip 4a and 4b.

    1. Slide high post (long post) into template, making sure legs of post are facing the opposite direction of the short post, as it was positioned in the template (Fg.5)
    2. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the high post
  5. Place Ballast Box on ground
  6. Position each end cap/post assembly, in each end of ballast box, attaching with Tek screws through pre-punched holes
    If using a 6’ Ballast Box skip step 7
  7. For Ballast Box Longer than 6’ use 2 angle braces to stabilize rear post as follows:
    1. On both top sides of box, measure back 6’ from the front and mark. This will be the placement of the 24” Angle Brace, with flat side facing front of box. One flat side will rest against the box; one flat side will rest against the front edge of the rear post. To insure placement will be correct, check dimension from front edge of front post, to back edge of rear post, which should be 6’.
    2. Attach 1”x 1” x 24” Long Angle Brace to each side of box with 2 Tek screws and
      to post with 1 Tek screws
    3. Attach 2”x 2” x 3” Long Angle Brace to bottom of post and bottom of box, to stabilize post at bottom end.
  8. Slip 3” wide strap over top of box at the center of the box length.
    (i.e.; 6’ box would be at 3’, 8’ box would be at 4’, 10’ box would be at 5’)
    This Strap prevents box sides from bowing when filled with concrete and can be removed
    when concrete has set.
  9. Fill Ballast Box with concrete
  10. Position Super Purlin on posts, aligning pre-punched bolt holes (Use Purlin Holes NOT Slots).
  11. Attach with nut, bolt and plate washer
  12. Mount each solar panel one at a time with 4 Mini Clips per panel

* Some conditions will require Rebar Stakes.

Ballast Ground Mount Figures 1-5

U.S. Patent No. 8857133