Bolted Connection Details

Bolted Connection Details

  1. TC Bolt (24 Total)
  2. Beam
  3. Column
  4. 1½" From Bolt Centerline and Edge of Steel
  5. Slotted holes in the Beam Per AISC, Use Slip Critical Bolts. Standard Holes to be Used On Columns. Orient Slots Radially Around the Bolt Pattern with the Long Dimension Tangent To The Circle
  6. Class “A” Faying Surfaces Not To Be Painted
  7. F436 Washer To Be As Shown In Detail For Steel Plate Washer Required At Slotted Holes

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New TC Bolts

As of June 1, 2019, we are no longer providing the 1" -8* 2 1/4" full threaded A325 bolt, the 1" Heavy Hex Nut Grade C A563 nut or the 1" F436 washers for the Solar Carport systems and the 5-High posted Ground Mount system. We have made this change because we are now providing an A325 and A490 Tension Control Bolt (TC Bolt) assembly, which includes the bolt, the 1" nut and the 1" F436 washer. If you choose to use the new TC Bolt, the cost will be $3.50 (A325) and $4.00 (A490) per bolt assembly. If you choose to continue to use the nut, bolts and washers previously provided for projects, you would now source those from a local fastener provider. Please contact us for the specs for each if that is your preference.
Powers Carport Bolt Connection Detail
TC Bolt Detail Click image to to enlarge

TONE TC Bolt Shear Wrench

The TC bolts we will provide require the specific TONE TC Bolt Shear Wrench, with the socket and inner socket specific to the TC bolt we will provide. This method will be a savings in the long run, with respect to cost of fasteners, time to install the bolts, which translates to less labor. Once your crew get a handle on using the gun, it will take seconds to install a bolt. When it’s torqued to the proper point, the end of the bolt will break off. Another benefit is that inspectors won’t be checking torque values on bolts when they see that TC bolts were used. To Purchase Tone GS-91EZ Shear Wrench
Please contact:
Dan Roberts EPH Tools Eastern Pneumatics & Hydraulics, Inc. Cell: 602-377-0144 Email Dan Cost: $2,782.50, no tax Rent: $150.00/week or $500/month