Powers Solar Frames Solar Carport Engineering

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When installing the Super Purlin to the structure, it is secured with screws to Purlin Clips that are attached to the top of the beam when manufactured. Specific placement and spacing of the Purlin Clip is determined by the length of the Solar panel (if mounting in portrait) or the width of the Solar panel (if mounting in landscape), plus a maximum ¼" gap. Under no circumstances is the gap to be greater than ¼".

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Portrait Panel on Semi-Cant Isometric
Portrait Panel on Tee Isometric
Section At 3 Panel Portrait Semi-Cant
Section At 6 Panel Portrait Tee
Solar Panel Attachment to Powers Super Purlin
Powers Steel Super Purlin
Purlin To Beam Connection
Bracing At Purlins
Slip Critical Bolt Installation
Circular Bolt Pattern
Steel Beam To Column Connection