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Ballast Ground Mount Featured

“This concrete Ballast ground-mount solution for residential, commercial, landfills and brown field applications…”

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6.1  MW Install

Ameren Missouri’s O’Fallon Renewable Energy Center is multi-million dollar, 6.1 MW Solar Energy facility. The project features more than 20,000 solar panels, mounted in Powers Solar Frames ground mount components.

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Gator Clamp

Powers’ Gator Clamp Grounds Panel with No Need for Extra Ground Wiring and clamps to most PV panels. Designed For Use with Powers Super Purlins.

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Super Purlins

Powers Steel Patented Slide In Super Purlins

U.S. Patent No. 8857133

With Powers’ patented slide-in channel assembly, solar panels install in as little as SECONDS as compared to as much as FIFTEEN minutes with conventional designs.

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